Our Vision

To be a Leader in Travel Technology

To lead the travel technology domain by staying true to our expertise and industry experience. Be a global leader in delivering innovation-driven solutions for travel businesses. Our core focus is being the one-stop-shop for all things in travel technology that puts customer delight above everything else.

Our Mission

Customer-Centric Solutions like no other

To help travel businesses in their journey towards a digital-first world and offer services that are truly in demand. We strive to provide unique, innovative solutions to travel businesses – delivered via exceptionally skilled and experienced teams and with technology at the forefront.

Who We Are!

The Company and the People

Akbar Offshore Pvt. Ltd, boasts on being a travel technology company that is built and driven by tech enthusiasts. Based out of Mumbai, we have served thousands of happy passengers and clients across the world. Our Eccentric team with exceptional expertise and extremely energetic aura is here to cater every travel need.

With the help of our strategic and client-centric products range, we are destined to empower our trade partners. The prime goal of AKBAR OFFSHORE products is to ensure our clients can bet serve their customers, creating a ripple effect of wonderful experience and a WOW factor – a true trophy for everyone. Let’s begin the journey; let’s make some memories.

Our forte is serving B2B clients lowest-rate airfares, holiday itineraries and hotel accommodations through which we generate long-term profits and customer relationships. We approach clients to provide them a complete solution for travel needs, and also fulfil the requirements of clients suiting the needs & requirements based on their customer demands. Our experts ensure the process is smooth, quick and rewarding at the same time to ensure greater profits.

We envision and empower our clients embark on a digital transformation journey for the travel business. Our products are developed and built inhouse and cater to various needs of the industry. Our products like Getfares and Getfares API embrace the best technology and produce the best results. Our travel-expert teams and dedicated professionals understand the requirements of our clients, and strive towards amplifying travel business. Our services are not limited to B2B, but also extended to B2C as well as B2E. We gather the requirements from clients and design special packages and then, provide you the best offers.

Quality policy

Core Concepts

Akbar Offshore Private Limited is committed to develop and provide travel technology solutions and services to their agents and clients through solutions such as Getfares, Breezer, API and services such as Air Tickets, Holiday Packages, Group Tickets, Visa Services, Charters & Travel Products.

Akbar Offshore Private Limited has goal to become a trusted client advisor, a travel management specialist of choice for companies with a commitment to develop strategic business plans and tactics designed to give the clients best value addition and service, which can be availed of in the travel industry.

Akbar offshore private limited is committed to meet the applicable legal and other requirements while delivering the services and improve client satisfaction through partnership with our clients, across a range of corporate services and associated outsourcing by achieving business efficiency, expenditure reduction, improved purchasing or other accepted forms of corporate value.

As service providers, we are committed to continuous improvement in the quality of all our products, services & operations. We are also committed to continuously improve & enhance our relationships with customers, corporates, employees and suppliers.

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Life at Akbar Offshore

Our Culture

What’s life without some fun, frolic and friendships and why should work be an exception? We are an equal opportunity employer with an unquestionable belief that ideas are ideas – no matter where or from who it comes from. We are growing and always looking for new talent ensuring the existing relationships last lifelong .