Going Online is the Way to Go

A wise man once said “Necessity is the mother of invention” and the other one said “The only constant in life is change”. Both are absolutely true and they are something every industry should embrace, especially those in travel.

The post pandemic world has come up with many challenges and catering to a modern world that doesn’t want to get up from their seats for most of the stuff is one of them. This is possible by immense power and options that our laptops and mobile phones provide on a fingertip. There are a few dire reasons why businesses might need to migrate and digitize going forward. This might be the most effective way to stay relevant in the industry and maximize the earnings but it could also mean to put on a show. It could create opportunities that weren’t possible earlier. Let’s have a look on why it would make sense to go digital.

Online is convenient

When was the last time we walked into a grocery store to buy veggies and other kitchen related stuff? Which one wins the battle – number of online orders or going to restaurant for food in a month? Walking to a crowded ticket counter for movies or a grand entry with pre booked online tickets? By this time, it is pretty easy to guess that all the options that use technology bring extreme convenience to consumers. Presenting comfortable, convenient, easy options is one of the biggest market boosters in recent times in all industries. Anyone who embraced technology with flying colours has easily seen the numbers rise because of the new look, flexibility and the authenticity they provide to end users. Everyone develops an affinity and liking towards a particular site or service and bookmarks it for future use, forwards it to friends to make their work easier and hence the demand with ratings grow.

Time is precious

Over 70% of travellers research travel on their phone and computers and the preference has seen a steep rise in the recent years. The reason being time to visit an office, talk to them and explain the preferences along with flexibility to browse through multiple choices online. Google data shows that travel related searches including ‘tonight’ and ‘today’ have grown by more than 519% in the past five years. It is highly unlikely to discuss, meet and book at a physical office in late hours or according to one’s preferred time. This barrier is broken and make easy by online options. Today’s generation that is working hard to make time work for them knows the value of every minute and hence a plethora of choices that digital platforms present ensures the time is valued for a prospective traveller. There are blogs, suggestions and pre planned packages that save time even further and all of them could be browed, selected and paid at the touch of a button on our screens.

It brings more audience

The increase in online audience is huge, the data consumed by an individual has seen a sharp spike in the past 2 years alone. That tells us a lot of things, one of them is that people are going to shop for a lot of things online. One of them is travel and that includes hotels, flights, vacation packages etc. In a world where the options are aplenty, everyone can compare and choose from the plethora of wonderful choices in front of them. Gone are days when advertising via banners and tv adverts was the only way to reach potential customers. Having a successful website is going to bring in new visitors every day and hence more conversions than ever before and more interactions. Millennials prefer to book hotels via travel agencies but an approximate 52% browse the hotel’s website for more information. The satisfaction of looking at pictures, reading about a place via descriptions and reviews gives immense satisfaction and peace of mind when your team or family is involved. The trend just repeats based on a good experience.

According to Gartner – a leading technological research firm, there is an expectation of 65% of global GDP to be digitalized by 2022, according to IDC. This is estimated to drive more than 6.8 trillion dollars of direct digital transformation investments from 2020 to 2023. It is the right time for businesses to make use of the needs and trends of digital transformation and embrace it to rise and march ahead.

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