Our Technology Solutions

Products of Akbar Offshore.


Sleek Designs

Our website ensures the results are quick, and data presented is easy for the eyes. Account management feature allows easy filtering of transaction data across custom date range and clients. An amazing way to reduce manual efforts and save time and get a quick look at each and every detail in a user-friendly way at the click of a button. Now set restrictions and access controls to team members based on their job roles better than before. Now create different levels of accesses and manage who sees what. This will ensure that only relevant data is shown to a particular team based on their needs, increasing productivity. Go to “Manage user profiles” to play around here.


Super Solutions

Our next gen API embraces latest technology and provides super fast results with secure connection that is industry best. It empowers the travel partner to access travel bookings from the tip of the finger and provides instant results to customer query. Witness powerful capability and revenue growth as it can be merged and suited to your needs to deliver best results ensuring that large volume of data is processed with extreme precision. Our API is an effective way to search for best priced itineraries that suit client needs. With a unique approach of picking most relevant offers using fares and schedules, it delivers outstanding solutions that can be customized.


Resource Management

Our own email management system that has the ability to auto distribute emails that in turn increases the productivity of the operation staff by ensuring the timeline is set for email responses. The idea was to ensure no customer email goes unaddressed in a particular ETA and the distribution is based on the rules set by the team Managers according to project requirements. It has pre-defined client mapping and manual intervention at the Manager level to overrule system priority. This solves an enormous challenge of correctly distributing the emails on a daily basis to ensure best productivity and right person handling the right customer to ensure continuity.